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If Your Goal is to Lose Weight You Have to Love Your Body First

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If your goal is to lose weight you have to love your body first. Right now go stand in front of the mirror as naked as the day you were born  (wait to get home if you are in a public place – I’m not looking to get you cited for public indecency) and learn to fall in love with what you see.  Without expectation for change.  Go on, do it.

You Won’t Work to Improve Something You Dislike

If your goal is to lose weight it’s important to recognize that there isn’t acceptance waiting after the weight is gone, acceptance starts now

It’s tough. Negative thoughts creep in as we harshly judge our appearance. My belly is too big, my arms sag or I don’t like the shape of my butt. Let me ask you, how much time do you spend taking care of things that you own that you don’t really like?

Many of us underestimate the amount of work that it takes when we aspire to change something about ourselves or reach a new goal. Change is difficult.  True lasting change requires a significant amount of commitment and persistence.  Change means that we have to learn new habits, a lot of them, and incorporate them into our life. We can drop the weight in a short period of time but getting all of those habits to stick for the long-term takes longer. Yuck! That sounds boring. Who has time for all that?  Netflix anyone?

The hard fact is that we won’t dedicate time and effort to something that we dislike.  If we dislike our bodies the way they are now we won’t dedicate the time and effort to improve it.  You must learn to love your body for what it does for you, to admire the miracle of life that it provides.  You must love it now in its current state, exactly the way that it is, even if it never changes, unconditionally.

Acceptance isn’t Waiting in the Future

It’s a misconception to think that if I only lose the weight I can love my body. Loving your body is a mental decision. If you don’t like the shape of your butt now you still won’t like it when it’s smaller. If you judge yourself negatively now you’ll have that when you lose the weight, get in shape, grow your hair or whatever change you make.

Body acceptance isn’t conditional based on you being a certain size and it certainly doesn’t mean resigning yourself to being unhealthy. Body acceptance is about learning to appreciate your body for what it can do, rather than how it looks. You won’t dedicate the time and effort it takes to work on improving something that you dislike.

If Your Goal is to Lose Weight Loving Your Body Now Changes the Game

You change the game on what you are willing to do for yourself when you hold yourself in the highest regard.  Love yourself now, exactly the way that you are without expectation for change.

The amazing transformation that happens when you love your body is that it starts to reflect your love. Treat it with respect and it will adapt and transform.  The beauty you feel will reflect outside. The secret to designing your extraordinary life is to start telling yourself now that your life is extraordinary, and it’s only going to get better.

You may also enjoy Project Manager Your Way to Your Ideal You for more tools on getting started losing weight.

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