Twitter Worthy Memes

We all need a little fun in our lives. Here's a few twitter worthy memes to share with friends who need motivation, support or a little giggle.
You know what makes everything better? Hot tea and warm fuzzy slippers...
Woman cannot live by bread alone. She must have squats, deadlifts, chocolate and wine.
The desire to improve does not equal the current state is flawed. You are now, and should always be, a masterpiece in progress.
Happiness is not only a choice it is a habit. The more you practice it the more natural it becomes.
Juicing does not cause you to lose weight. Eating fewer calories than your body can burn causes you to lose weight.
Success happens when more good decisions than bad are consistently made over a long period of time. Stop believing that you can get fit in 60 as when you spend the rest of the year on the couch.
You think you can eat crappy food and then take a pill to fix it? Believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, too, do ya?
When it comes to food mother nature knows best. Everything else is just silly people thinking they can outsmart her.
Twitter worthy memes - We are defined by our habits. Want to change your life? Change your habits.