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Guacamole recipe using fresh avocado

Easy Guacamole Recipe: Spotlight on the Avocado, the Healthy Fat

This yummy guacamole recipe is a great way to add a little avocado to your diet. Avocado has gained popularity over the past few years in pace with the acceptance that healthy fats are part of a healthy diet.  The avocado is a great way to get plant-based healthy fats into ...
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Is Juicing Good for You?

Is Juicing Good For You? Not Really, and Neither Are These Other Crazy Diet Trends

Food trends and fad diets are a common occurrence in today's culture. We would all love to have a quick fix. To find the one thing that will finally shrink our waistline and end the growing obesity rates. Unfortunately many of those searches for the holy grail end up being ...
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Eat Low Carb

Should I Eat Low Carb? Macro Smackdown, Debunking the Low Carb Myth

It's the new trend in diets. All of the headlines tout that you must eat low carb if you are going to lose weight, lose belly fat and improve your gut health. For the thirty years before that low-fat was all the rage. Supposedly we've learned our lesson, switched gears and ...
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Roasted Vegetable Recipes

Roasted Vegetable Recipes: Easy Prep, ‘Foodie’ Approved and Simple Ingredients

With all of the complicated and processed meals that restaurants serve sending our taste buds into over drive it's easy to forget that real food served simply is divine. These roasted vegetable recipes will remind you. They taste decadent and won't eat into your time schedule or your grocery bill ...
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healthy eating wrong

You’re Doing Healthy Eating All Wrong: Under Eating is Wrecking Your Diet

This week I want to talk to you about how under eating is wrecking your healthy eating plan. I was going to write about easy, yummy recipes for vegetable side dishes but a visit from my daughter over the weekend inspired a change in plans. "Mom, you would be really ...
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