mental challenge of getting in shape and strength training for women

Strength Training for Women: 5 Strength Building Moves Every Woman Must Know

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Lean muscle mass is a woman’s best friend when it comes to boosting metabolism.  Muscle also aids in protecting long-term mobility and adding sexy curves. What you may not realize is that strength training for women burns calories, helps reduce body fat and can help to keep hormones in balance. Very few of us have a lot of time to devote to the gym. To get the most bang for your buck in terms of […]

Guacamole recipe using fresh avocado

Easy Guacamole Recipe: Spotlight on the Avocado, the Healthy Fat

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This yummy guacamole recipe is a great way to add a little avocado to your diet. Avocado has gained popularity over the past few years in pace with the acceptance that healthy fats are part of a healthy diet.  The avocado is a great way to get plant-based healthy fats into your diet even for those who are carbohydrate conscious. The high fiber content puts it quite low in the net-carb category as far as fruits go. […]

Is Juicing Good for You?

Is Juicing Good For You? Not Really, and Neither Are These Other Crazy Diet Trends

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Food trends and fad diets are a common occurrence in today’s culture. We would all love to have a quick fix. To find the one thing that will finally shrink our waistline and end the growing obesity rates. Unfortunately many of those searches for the holy grail end up being more of a wild goose chase than they are finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Is juicing good for you? […]

Lose Weight from the Stomach

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight From the Stomach? How to Lose Belly Fat After 40

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One of the most common questions I get is what is the best way to lose weight from the stomach? Excess belly fat is a common complaint for most women, especially for those over 40. Fat distribution caused by the swaying and shifting hormones that happen later in life cause fat distribution to change shifting from our hips, thighs and breasts to smack-dab across the belly. While most of us notice the aesthetic issues of belly […]

Women lift weights

Should Women Lift Weights? Yes! Especially Women Over 40, and Here’s Why…

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Very few women venture into the weight area at the gym. Those that do rarely go beyond the machines into the free-weight zone. It’s a huge missed opportunity. When women lift weights they gain added benefit way beyond what a cardio routine can offer. Here’s just a few. Strength Gains When Women Lift Weights Life requires that you lift and move heavy things. When you lift weights you train your body to handle movements that […]

Eat Low Carb

Should I Eat Low Carb? Macro Smackdown, Debunking the Low Carb Myth

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It’s the new trend in diets. All of the headlines tout that you must eat low carb if you are going to lose weight, lose belly fat and improve your gut health. For the thirty years before that low-fat was all the rage. Supposedly we’ve learned our lesson, switched gears and decided fat is good and carbs are bad. Now people are adding butter to their coffee and cutting the carbs. Yuck! Is that the way to […]

I hate exercise

I Hate Exercise: If Exercise is Making You Miserable You’re Doing it Wrong

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I have a secret for you. Exercise shouldn’t make you miserable. If you hate exercise, if even the thought of it makes you cringe, you’re doing it wrong. Do you really think so many exercise fanatics would exist if they were doing things that they hate? Kids have this figured out. Just watch any school yard playground. You see kids jumping, running, swinging, hanging, climbing, spinning and laughing! Yes, laughing. When they tire of one game […]