Fitness is a big component of leading an extraordinary life made simple. But how do you fit it all in? When we are juggling career, family, travel and life in general our health can take a back seat. Follow me on my journey as I share lessons I've learned on how to make health and fitness practical for busy woman of all ages.

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Diet trends, meal plans and contradictory nutrition advice makes it difficult to figure out the best way to eat healthy and not lose our sanity. Following a meal plan long-term isn't sustainable when you have a life to live. What busy woman has time to constantly be checking her calorie count or fitting her macros? I'm sharing the real details that I've learned about nutrition and how to make it fit into real life.

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If you are looking for advice on high fashion and the latest makeup trends you are in the wrong place. Who has time to keep up with that? If you are looking for how to look your best and like you haven't just left a meeting, jumped on an airplane, drove the kid to dance class and squeezed in a 20 minute workout at the gym then I'm your girl. This is just plain-old-real-world-stories-from-the-front-lines tips for busy moms to look your best when you really don't have the time.

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