Women lift weights


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We are all sick and tired of the endless cycle of losing and gaining the weight back. Throw in the fact that we are told its harder to lose weight and get in shape after 40 and it's enough to have us grabbing a cheeseburger and throwing in the towel. Don't give up just yet! I'm here to tell you there is hope, and it's not as hard as you think.



No points, no pills, no meal plans. Break Free!


Meal plans, points and pill suck. Food is 80% of a healthy lifestyle but it's hard to navigate with conflicting information and incomplete information about food trends. Diet plans that sacrifice our health lead us right back into the weight gain cycle. It’s time to break free. Get the real deal with science backed data on how to combine nutrition and overall fitness to finally get in the best shape of your life, maintain your health, gain energy and have the body and life of your dreams! Yes, even after 40.



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You've lost the weight before and it comes back. You've tried getting in shape but you get bored with the same workout routine. You're tired of not seeing results but you dread the idea of having to exercise or go on a diet. Why? Because those meal plans and training programs don't fit YOUR life.  Our transformation series can help you break the cycle and finally achieve a lasting transformation. No points, no set meal plans, no pills and no crazy workouts. Our online training series kick-start your lasing transformation teaches you how to integrate lasting habits that are designed to fit into your unique and individual life  - no matter how busy you are. Coming soon!

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It's true that after 40 things change. We can’t lose weight the way we did in our 20s and 30s. We try harder, workout longer, starve ourselves more and nothing changes. No more! Don’t fret, and don’t give up. Yes you can be in the best shape of your life, feel better than you ever did, throw away your fear of aging and uncover your best self. Finally embrace the joy that comes with living as long as we have! You just need to know where you to start. Strong isn’t just for the 20 somethings!

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Women lift weights

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